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A First-Rate Dive Vessel

The Research Vessel Explorer (RVX) began assisting the scientific community in discovering and identifying sunken wrecks off the coast of New England.

Today, the Explorer is helping divers from all over the Southeast make their own discoveries hidden in the sunken hulks and reefs off the coast of Jacksonville, FL.



The Explorer is custom rigged for scuba diving. Its large cabin, decks, and ample seating not only enhance diver comfort, but it also creates a safer place for dive operations.


Enjoy unbeatable shipboard creature comforts like:

+ Spacious climate-controlled cabin

+ Sleeping bunks

+ Galley with pizza oven

+ Flybridge with bean bag loungers

+ Bathroom

+ Deck seating


Committed to Safety

Beyond utilizing a sea-proven, custom rigged vessel for our dive charter operations, safety is further enhanced by several onboard amenities:

+ Space for Transit Dive Prep

   - Stow your gear securely

   - Donning made easier

   - Plenty of room to move about

+ Diver Lift    

   - No more climbing a ladder!
   - Easier access to deck after dive

   - 750lb capacity

+ Navigation & Communication Equipment

   - Advanced weather radar

   - Garmin GPS navigation suite

   - Garmin autopilot

   - Side & down-view sounder


A Rich History

Since 2002, the R/V Explorer has taken part in exploring some of history's greatest shipwrecks.


During its service as a research vessel, the Explorer team was able to identify many previously unidentified wrecks, including the famed D/S Octavian which disappeared in 1942 with all hands as well as Cornelius Vanderbilt's Champion- a paddlewheel steamship.

More recently, the R/V Explorer and her team explored the USS S-5, a US Navy submarine that sank in 1920 during a training maneuver off the coast of Boston, MA.

The expedition took place on the 100th anniversary of that sinking.


We're proud to carry on the Explorer's legacy of discovery.

Image by Kris-Mikael Krister

Easy on the Environment

Nautical Divers is committed to doing our part to protect the marine environment.

The Explorer has been meticulously maintained throughout its service life. 

Preventative maintenance has nearly eliminated the risk of negative environmental impact.

What's more, the engines of the Explorer are highly fuel-efficient, thereby reducing our carbon footprint even further.

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