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Dive Charters

Ready to experience the thrill of offshore Jacksonville diving and meet some great friends along the way?

Let's get you booked today...Spots on the Explorer are filling up fast!


We can't wait to have you aboard!

Charter Pricing

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3-Tank Dive Offshore Jacksonville 

$225 per diver

 Non-refundable. If you need to cancel, we will work with you to reschedule.


Because of the challenging conditions offshore Jacksonville, all divers must be Advanced Open Water Divers with NITROX certifications

and will need to bring their own dive gear and tanks.


Student divers are not permitted on our charters unless they are Advanced Open Water Diver students with a NITROX certification, and are accompanied by a certified dive instructor.


Each charter includes access to the entire vessel and amenities,

a marine rescue GPS unit, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and lunch. 


What to Expect on Your Charter

What to Expect

Arriving at the Marina

All divers are required to check-in at the vessel by 6:15am on the day of their charter. The vessel will be underway promptly at 7:00am.


Nautical Divers is located at:


Palm Cove Marina

14603 Beach Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32250

When you arrive at Palm Cove Marina, be sure to park in the east parking lot:

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 7.11.00 PM.png


All divers are required to have completed the waiver process online at the time of booking prior to arrival at the marina.


All divers must also be Advanced Open Water Divers with NITROX certifications and have the following on their person and present to the crew at check-in:

+ Current diver certification card

+ Valid government-issued photo ID


Boarding the Explorer

The vessel is located on Dock D, Slip 35 in the area highlighted below:

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 4.09.31 PM.png

Leaving the Marina

+ Enjoy the ride

    - in the main cabin

    - on the main deck


+ Get to know new friends

+ Stretch out in one of our bunks


+ Read a book from our onboard library

    - WWII wreck history

    - The R/V Explorer's history

    - Dive lifestyle magazines

    - Many more!

Leaving the Marina

Arriving at the Site

During the approach to the site, our crew will conduct a safety & operations briefing to include:

    - Equipment use

    - Emergency procedures

    - Estimated bottom time

    - Surfacing time

Each diver will be issued a Marine Rescue GPS unit. Learn more.


Once we arrive at the site, our divemaster will dive on the site and secure the safety line to the wreck below. The divemaster will return to the Explorer to brief divers on the following:

    - Features of the site

    - Things to watch out for

    - Location of dive line

    - Current conditions at the site

Arriving at Site

Dive In!

This is the time you've been waiting for! Time to get in the water. Giant strides or rollovers...your choice!

Once you're in the water, begin your descent down the safety line with your dive buddy and prepare for the adventure that awaits!

Dive In

Surfacing & Required Intervals

After your dive is complete, rendezvous with the group and begin your ascent with your dive buddy.


One of the great amenities of the Explorer is our diver lift. This lift has a capacity of 750 lbs and can raise divers from the water to the deck. No ladder climbing required! 

During your surface interval, we will cruise to the next dive site on the itinerary.

Surface interval time begins when the last diver in the group has made it to the deck.


These intervals are a great time to talk with your fellow divers about your experience! Share photos and videos with the group by casting to our onboard TV, snap new photos on the boat, and enjoy a bit of relaxation!


You’re welcome to relax in the cabin…but if you do, you must be out of your wetsuit and completely dry.

Pizza Margherita

Snacks & Meals​

You're welcome to enjoy the provided snacks and non-alcoholic drinks at any time during our voyage.


We'll be serving a delicious pizza lunch (fresh-baked in our onboard pizza oven) after the second dive of the day.

After lunch, enjoy a leisurely cruise to the final dive site of the day.


Returning to the Marina

As we get close to the marina, we ask that you gather your equipment and gear in preparation for disembarking. 


It is the diver's individual responsibility to promptly remove his or her dive gear and equipment from the boat upon arrival at the dock.


We think you'll be eager to dive with us again, so we've made it easy for you to scratch the itch! Before leaving the marina, you can book your next dive adventure right from your mobile device at

Return to Marina

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