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Challenge Yourself. 
Dive Jacksonville.

If you've never gone diving offshore Jacksonville, you've been missing something pretty outstanding!

Diving these waters is both a challenging and rewarding experience!


Divers from all over the world have honed their skills and pushed beyond their comfort zones to be counted among an exclusive group: Jacksonville Divers.

Dive Close. Dive Often.

Remember the last time you dove? How far did you have to drive to get there? And finding a hotel...we all know how that can be.

Nautical Divers is bringing convenient, exciting, and challenging dive opportunities back to the First Coast!

Now, you don't have to block days off for just one dive.


Locals can dive offshore Jacksonville with Nautical Divers and be back home in their own bed the same night.

Close to home

Dive Conditions

Diving offshore Jacksonville isn't like anything you've experienced before.

Swift currents, reduced visibility, and dense marine life all culminate in conditions that test divers...pushing them to unlock their full potential.

After diving offshore Jacksonville, even veteran divers tell us they've never experienced such a thrilling dive...and they can't wait to do it again!


Dive Destinations

Nautical Divers runs off the coast of Jacksonville, FL to access multiple dive sites that lie within an area of 1,200 square miles.

There are so many exciting and challenging sites right here in our own backyard!


Here are some of our favorites:

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Marine Life

Dense Marine Life

When you dive offshore Jacksonville with Nautical Divers, you'll not only get to experience challenging conditions and historically-rich dive sites, you'll be able to dive among some of the most diverse and dense marine life in the Atlantic.


Area Marine Species:

+ Massive schools of spadefish

+ Red snapper

+ Goliath grouper

+ Numerous reef fish species

+ Loggerhead turtles

+ Dolphins

+ Cobia


And so much more!

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