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Experienced Crew. Master Divers.

Florida offers some of the best scuba diving in the world! Nautical Divers was founded to fill a growing demand in Northeast Florida for a dive charter for the challenging and exciting waters off the shores of Jacksonville, FL.

Locally owned and operated by certified master divers and experienced offshore operators, Nautical Divers brings convenient, fun, and exciting dive opportunities to a growing dive population.

Now, divers in the local area can dive more frequently, without the hassle and expense of travel and lodging!

The Vessel

The R/V Explorer is custom rigged for scuba diving. The Explorer formerly served as a research vessel in the Northeast United States and was instrumental in uncovering sunken and buried historical artifacts.


Because of the work of the Explorer and her crew, the historical and scientific communities have unlocked secrets hidden for hundreds of years.


Your Professional Crew


Will Hinton

A USCG-certified commercial captain and PADI Master instructor, Will is an experienced diver who loves wreck diving. Will's passion for history and discovery has taken him to exotic dive destinations across the globe like: Thailand, Maldives, Cambodia, and Mexico. Always embracing a challenge, Will finds diving the waters offshore Jacksonville to be one of the more exciting dive locations on the East coast. 


Josh “BlackBeard” Beard

Working onboard as a mate, Divemaster, safety Swimmer, and an PADI Master instructor, Josh is an experienced diver who loves culling invasive Lionfish in local JAX waters. Josh’s passion and love for his country are displayed in his still active service as a Senior Chief Independent Duty Corpsman. Josh fell in love with Jacksonville’s offshore dive sites onboard the R/V Explorer which ignited his passion for wreck diving!


Andrew Chubb “Chubbs”

Drew Chubb is a PADI MSDT, SDI Specialty SCUBA Instructor and a TDI Tech Diver. He’s  been diving since 2004 all over the globe. Retiring from the US Navy as a Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman and a Rescue Swimmer, the last 23 years, he has dove everywhere the Navy has taken him to include Seychelles, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Panama, Galapagos Islands, and much more. He is eager to take you on many of the wrecks we will be diving off the coast of Jacksonville.


Calli Dukas

Calli is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and works as a divemaster on board the RV Explorer. She uprooted her life in Virginia to follow her love of diving. What was once a bucket list experience has turned into a life passion for her. When she’s not under the sea, Calli works as a pediatric nurse taking care of the tiny humans.

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